The Historic Masters catalogue is available here listed alphabetically by artist:

In manufacturing analogue recordings, both LP and “78”, a metal master is made from the matrix which is originally recorded. That master is a negative image of the matrix which then creates a positive “mother”, which in turn leads to a negative “stamper” which is used to press the released disc. Each master may generate many mothers, each of which in turn may generate many stampers. The master is often retained after a production run; in the case of most of the Historic Masters recordings, those metal parts were licensed from EMI and modern pressings at the original playback speed were made without any form of processing. In short, the HM issues are identical with those which were or could have been found in the shops a century or so ago, except that instead of being on fragile shellac the discs are pressed onto modern vinyl.

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The Historic Masters catalogue is also available on this website listed by issue number.

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