The Historic Masters Melba issue was released in Australia on December 3rd 2008. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has prepared a number of news articles relating to this issue.

Melissa Maddison writes in her online article titled, New life for Dame Nellie’s unheard recordings, (ABC News website – Dec 3, 2008)

Previously unheard recordings from one of Australia’s best-known opera singers, Dame Nellie Melba, are being released today (Dec 3rd 2008).

The metal masters lay forgotten in an archive in Germany for almost 100 years until they were discovered last year.

It has taken many months to restore the bent metal discs, but the recordings, from 1904, have now been released on CD.

English arts historian Roger Neill says it is an exciting discovery.

“I don’t think anybody even thought about the fact that they might exist. I think they had kind of been written off,” he said.

Mr Neill says there is no doubt the discs contain the voice of Melba.


  • Read the full ABC Online article regarding the HM – Melba release
  • Listen to Audio samples of Melba (Click on Audio links 1 and 2)
  • Hear Melba- Audio slideshow (Melba sings Swing Low Sweet Chariot – recently discovered recording)
  • Read article from Sydney Morning Herald (Dec 2nd 2008 – Masters Bring Melba Back to Life)

ALSO: View an ABC TV report below:

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